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Andrea Jotti
Company: Sudler & Hennessey, Italy – Client Services Director
Course: One-to-One

In 2013 I came to Riversdown in order to improve my English, this was for me a professional and personal need.

During a full immersion course, I studied a lot of grammar and vocabular but the most important thing I practiced my english with various teachers and students.

So it was a great experience for me. I spent one week in a nice place with a great atmosphere very challenging for me. Along with 15 students coming worldwide, very interesting people, and talking in English every day, every hours (I had began to dream in English!!!). Now I’m more confident than I was. I’m continuing to study the language, watching TV, reading books because I would like to do another step forward, not only for my job but also for my life. I hope in the future to come back to Riversdown

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Pierangelo Moro
Company: Daiichi Sankyo Italia – Regional Business Director
Course: One-to-One

Partivo da zero ma Grazie a voi in un solo mese ho superato il Toefl Test, proprio quel terribile Test, contro ogni previsione. Tutti mi dicevano "E' impossibile".  Invece no, grazie a voi è stato possibile.

Un ambiente serio, professionale, coinvolgente, caldo dove non puoi non imparare. Il miglior tempo passato a studiare della mia vita.

Tornerò, ne sono sicuro, sto facendo di tutto per tornare presto, ho ancora tanto da imparare e Riversdown è per me il posto migliore per farlo!

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