Cultural experience gained since 1955

One of the world’s longest standing and leading providers of cross-cultural training.



Unlike many other companies, RLC is able to draw on cross-cultural experience gained since 1955. We have worked with the HR & training departments of more than 750 multinationals from over 60 countries.

RLC understands that the increasing scale of international cooperation, cross-cultural communication and rapid globalisation require employees and professionals to be ever more culturally-aware. As such, RLC’s cultural training and consultancy provide practical solutions to the challenges of working in multicultural environments, by specifically linking language, communication and cross-culture, leading to extended knowledge and mastery of key competences in an international environment.

With our own academically verified cultural model, we are in a unique position to assist in understanding and communicating across cultures using a variety of methods, seminars, individual lessons, distance learning.

Watch our demo video and visit our CrossCulture unit’s website to learn more about our cultural model and online learning tool.

Typical cross-cultural course topics include:

  • How national culture can make or break your corporate strategy
  • When Cultures Collide – Intercultural Issues in Globalisation
  • International Project Management – Cultural Issues and Difference
  • Doing business with China
  • Doing business with the BRICS
  • International Public Speaking and Media Training
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Persuasion
  • Presenting Across Cultures
  • Negotiating Across Cultures

For the full list of our courses, please visit our Course summary page.

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