Business language courses

Our business language courses are carefully designed to improve the participants’ skills most relevant to their specific fields. After a comprehensive testing and needs analysis, we create customised training programmes for individuals and closed groups, bearing in mind the company’s budgetary goals, the employees’ development targets and schedules.

This course is designed for anyone who needs to use a foreign language to perform more effectively within their own functional field, whether it is communicating to internal or external customers.

Typical focus areas of our business language courses:

  • Human Resources
  • Production, R&D
  • Project Management
  • Finance, Trading
  • Management & Strategy
  • Account Management & Sales
  • Customer Service
  • IT Technologies

Our languages

RLC offers training programmes in all major world languages, including English, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, German, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, etc.

Tell us how we can help you improve your language skills!

RLC language training process

Our training process is designed to create an environment in which students have the opportunity to strive for language perfection.


Richard Lewis Communications also understands that for the best results, competence development should follow a 3 stage cycle;

Stage 1 – Needs Analysis and Testing (Learn more about our RLC Assessment Scale and Levels)

Stage 2: Fully Customised Training

Stage 3: Reporting, Monitoring and Feedback

RLC Admin System

Participants get individual access to the RLC Admin System, which is a web-based system that makes the training administration and monitoring simple and very effective.

Benefits of our Training Administration System:

  • Students can interact, monitor and take an added interest in their own progression and personal development
  • Supervisors and Training Managers can monitor how their team members are proceeding, what each individual’s real needs are
  • Progress Reports and Feedback forms can be incorporated into your company appraisal system
  • The Admin System offers the ability to quickly calculate a return on the investment made by the company into this training

What Now

If you have all the information you need and you want to take the first steps to greater global success through intensive and completely customised English communications training, begin booking your course with us below now.

Join us and improve your business communication skills, just like staff from…
  • Honeywell
  • Johnson + Johnson
  • Skanska
  • VR Track
  • Vaisala
  • Haaga-Helia
  • Nokia
  • Biogen
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